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The Process

Top quality, fully custom design

Shawn Austin is consistently the manufacturer of choice among leading Interior Designers in both the hospitality and residential realms. Backed by more than 20 years of innovation, experience, and dedication; Shawn Austin offers the finest quality bespoke furnishings, well-suited for both hospitality and residential spaces. From French Provincial to ultra Modern, Shawn Austin is not limited by style and uses the same quality processes regardless of style or quantity.

All furnishings created by Shawn Austin are crafted by hand using the finest materials available, including hardwoods such as maple, walnut, oak, and teak. Shawn Kerr, CEO and resident furniture expert, works closely with our skilled designers and craftsmen to ensure the highest quality of every detail, from structural integrity to correct proportions.  From rich stains to chic, hand-painted techniques; finishes of unmatched sophistication, depth, and clarity are produced by our multi-step finishing process that are both beautiful and durable.

Throughout the production process, the client will have the opportunity to work directly with Shawn who specializes in marrying a designer’s vision and desires with his artistic skills, design sensibilities, and technical abilities.  His intuition and experience can be relied on to guide and lead, to the extent that the designer wants or needs it. Designers can come with the hint of an idea or they can come with fully formed concepts and drawings.  In both cases, the designer is an integral part of the design of the piece.  In all cases, the designer’s client will receive a bespoke, heirloom-quality piece that will be enjoyed for years to come.

The Journey

1 / Communication

The process begins with conversations that allow Shawn to understand what the designer or client desires the most, the function, and the design aesthetic or direction.  Color palette, materials, finish techniques, and proportions are all explored and carefully considered.

2 / Quoting

Once the design concept is defined, each piece will be evaluated in detail based on material and finish selections and a price quote will be generated for the designer’s review and approval.  Should pricing adjustments be needed, value engineering suggestions can be made to meet the designer’s budget and a revised PO will be submitted for approval. When submitting purchase orders to Shawn Austin, please provide a copy of the quote number or a copy of the actual quotation.

3 / Shop Drawings

Once the PO is placed for the order, Shawn will work with our skilled draftsmen to create 2-D shop drawings in CAD to capture the design details of the custom furniture piece.  The shop drawing will then be submitted for the designer’s signed approval within three weeks of receipt of the PO.   After final signed approved shop drawings are received, the piece can be moved into the production line up.

4 / Finish Submittals

Once all designer’s control, material finish samples are received, custom control samples will be created for each material that is seen on the furniture piece and submitted to the designer for signed approval.

5 / Production

Our skilled designers and craftsmen work closely with Shawn to ensure the highest quality of every detail, from structural integrity to correct proportions and comfort. During assembly, we welcome you to make a visit to our factory to view the project to ensure that we are meeting your expectations.  If a visit is not practical, we can update you by virtual correspondence.

6 / Delivery

Shawn Austin does not offer delivery or installation services; however, we will work closely with the designer’s delivery service to arrange for pick up of the completed piece. Shawn Austin does provide packaging for blanket wrap deliveries or crating for freight companies.

7 / Customer Service

Customer service is what sets Shawn Austin apart from the rest. Shawn is committed to the client’s satisfaction and will resolve any issues in a timely manner and answer questions efficiently.

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